Trademark & Design Practice
- Our firm has a full service trademark and design capability in Poland, European Union, and liaises with an established network of trademark practitioners in other jurisdictions worldwide.
- We manage trademark and design portfolios worldwide for many of our clients, especially in USA, Canada, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Southern Korea, Australia and Indonesia.
- IPIDEA offers competitive pricing, including options for fixed fees for trademark prosecution, searching, and proceedings.
- IPIDEA works with its clients to establish cost-effective strategies for registering and enforcing their marks worldwide.
- We have ongoing trademark monitoring and enforcement programs in place for many of our clients.
- We regularly support the consolidation of portfolios that arise out of mergers and acquisitions.
- We also help clients protect their brands through opposition and cancellation proceedings.
- IPIDEA assists clients with trademark and packaging clearance programs for new products.

- Management of more than 300 trademarks of various clients.
- Trademark and design portfolio management services, including recordals and renewals.
- Ongoing representation before EUIPO, WIPO, and Polish Patent & Trademark Office.
- Trademark clearance and searching.

- We have been serving our clients not only in trademark court proceedings or transactional issues, but also in trademark and design portfolio development matters in Poland and EU-wide registration before the EUIPO, as well as international registrations before WIPO.
- We offer wide range of services relating to application, registration, and protection of trademarks and designs. The scope of our activities includes searches, preparation of trademark and design applications, administrative and litigation procedures before Polish Patent Office as well as Civil and Administrative Courts, counseling and legal opinions. We also handle annuity payments (for more details contact us at

- Management of applications for customs protection embracing the entire territory of the EU, some of them consisting of 300+ EUTMs.
- Ongoing day-to-day cooperation with the authorities (Customs Service, Police, Public Prosecution).
- Ability to assist in Poland and a number of other CEE countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Baltic countries, Macedonia).
- Focus on more cost-effective criminal proceedings rather than civil law actions.
- Cease and desist letters preparation.

- IPIDEA helps clients maximize the value of their trademark assets by assisting in the process of licensing, transferring, or acquiring assets.
- Representation in transactions with trademark components including TM audits (due diligence processes).
- Preparation of various agreements including transfer of rights.
- Licensing and rebranding advice.

Benefits arising from filing of a trademark application
- Acquisition of an exclusive right to use a trademark on the selected territory, i.e., the rightsholder’s obtaining of a monopoly for the use of a trademark in business transactions.
- A possibility to prohibit other entities from using not only an identical trademark, but also a trademark, which is similar to an already registered trademark. A company may prohibit the use of a similar trademark if it creates the risk of misleading customers as regards the origin of goods/services. Identification of a potential risk of misleading is sufficient to declare a trademark infringement.
- Development of the company’s assets.
- Increase of the brand value in the consumers’ and competitors’ perception.
- Prestige associated with registration and building reputation.
- Obtaining of a protection certificate and entry in a public register.
- Evidence of possession of a trademark protection right respected in court proceedings.
- A possibility to transfer a protection right or grant a license.
- Use of ® symbol.